About 70% of the world's electronic products are manufactured and assembled in China. It is a key area of global consumer electronics manufacturing industry, and the top 10 electronics manufacturers have invested in China to build factories. Although the growth of traditional consumer electronics products has slowed down in recent years, new consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices, have been growing rapidly. The continuous growth of China's consumer electronics manufacturing industry has provided a stable impetus for the development of the upstream intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. However, with the decline of production cost competitiveness, 3C industry as a typical labor-intensive industry, to achieve industrial automation upgrade, reduce per capita costs, improve labor productivity is the only way out.

China (Beijing) International 3C Electronics Manufacturing Technology and Equipment  Exhibition 2019 ,It will be held in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition Center on 28-30 June 2019. 3C electronics exhibition is one of the important theme exhibitions of CEE.. This exhibition will focus on the display of 3C industrial processing technology and equipment, including mobile phone communications, household appliances, tablet computers, digital cameras, smart homes, wearable equipment, VR/AR equipment terminals, entertainment robots, UAVs, automotive electronics and other products. The field and integrated circuit, circuit board, LCD module, backlight module, touch screen, shell, battery, camera and other parts manufacturing areas to provide one-stop intelligent manufacturing solutions. The exhibition focuses on the application of the industry, covering the entire 3C manufacturing industry chain, to the greatest extent to meet the professional buyers one-stop efficient procurement needs. For each 3C manufacturer who wishes to achieve intelligent manufacturing and innovation in the industrial 4.0 tide, we will build an efficient and convenient stage for purchasing trade and technology exchange.

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