Six highlights: build up and down the industrial chain seamlessly:

Authority: the only professional event held by authoritative departments in the year of quality.

Platform: 20000 scale exhibition scale, create industry procurement communication platform;

Understanding: planning, design and construction of new technologies and services at home and abroad;

Establishment: users directly to the scene to build new customer relationship;

Make acquaintance: Upstream and downstream industry linkage, wonderful forum, salon to promote industry experts, colleagues and users zero distance contact;

Promotion: through the main contractor's strong industry precipitation, to provide you with a broad market promotion;

We will provide worldwide brand marketing after the exhibition.

More than 20 professional media platforms; more than 20 countries and regions in the world are fully promoted.

More than 10 authoritative user associations and cooperative organizations will enjoy the influence of brand exhibitions.

More than 50 thousand invitations and 200 thousand tickets will be distributed to professional users and traders.

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