Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone is increasingly becoming the bridgehead of collaborative innovation in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, an important bearing area of the capital's high-end new industries. According to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei axis location, focusing on the advantages of exhibition prosperity, a high-end industry international exhibition and Exchange Center - also created an international exhibition center.

With its advantageous geographical position, advanced and comprehensive auxiliary facilities, perfect exhibition functions and excellent professional service team, the International Convention and Exhibition Center is based in Beijing, the capital of China, and strives to create a platform for scientific, cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation between China and the world.

Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Yichuang Intelligent Robot Innovation Park. It was officially put into operation in September 2016. It was once the largest printing equipment manufacturing base in China. It has made outstanding contributions to China's printing industry from "lead and fire" to "light and electricity". As the main founder and leader of China's printing equipment manufacturing, the northerners took the initiative to implement strategic transformation in line with the capital's functional positioning and industrial structure needs. Through the "World Robot Congress Permanent Site" construction, to create a model of traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading, to also create an intelligent robot Innovation Park as a start, all-round, systematic into the new field of intelligent manufacturing. As an important function platform of the Intelligent Robot Innovation Park, the International Convention and Exhibition Center has filled the gaps in exhibitions and exhibitions in the south of Beijing, becoming the largest professional, comprehensive exhibition, exhibition and conference venue in the south of Beijing, equipped with various advanced hardware facilities, equipment, conferences, exhibitions, exhibitions and business supporting facilities. Covering an area of nearly 90 thousand square meters, it is the most international exhibition and Exchange Center for high-end industries in southern Beijing.


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