SMT technology and equipment:

printing equipment and accessories, mounting equipment, component feeding system, transmission system and accessories, chip carrier, packaging equipment, curing system, visual positioning system, adhesive and coating materials, related chemicals, production line tools and equipment, PCB manufacturing and assembly;

 Welding equipment and materials

Wave soldering equipment, reflow soldering equipment, soldering equipment, solder melting pot / solder paste / solder wire / solder rod / solder ball, glue, flux, soldering head cleaning equipment / Soldering head, welding table, hot air welding equipment, infrared welding equipment, laser welding equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, gas phase welding equipment, welding torch, solder joint testing equipment, solder joint Reliability test system, de welding system, cleaning equipment and materials;

Test and measurement

2-D/3-D testing system, bare-board testing equipment, electronic components vision testing equipment, film thickness testing equipment,

ICT equipment, AOI equipment, infrared detection equipment, chip frame detection equipment, optical microscope, PCB vision detection equipment,

Solder Joint Visual Inspection Equipment, Temperature, Humidity Testing/Environmental Testing Equipment, Viscometer/Oscilloscope/Thermometer, X-Ray Equipment, Functional Testing

Test equipment;

3C electronic manufacturing automation equipment

Stamping, drilling, dispensing, soldering, screwing, engraving, polishing, sandblasting, inserting, sanding, flat grinding, silk screen printing, curing/drying, laminating, cleaning, coating, cutting, laminating, labeling, top and bottom Robotic automation equipment for materials, transmission, anti-static, packaging, handling, etc.;

Parts and Control System Zone: Servo Motor, Stepper Motor, Linear Motor, Reducer, Motor, Pneumatic System, Actuator, Module, Screw, Guide, Slide, Gear, Belt, Pulley, Coupling, Clutch , brakes, timing belts, fasteners, bearings, cams, PLCs, SCADAs, frequency converters, CNC systems, starters, sensors, transmitters, actuators, remote monitoring, industrial switches, embedded systems, machine vision systems and Components, industrial computers, data acquisition and discrimination systems, linear positioning systems, motion control systems, robots, robot bodies, AGV cars;

ESD anti-static and purification equipment

Electrostatic field tester, surface resistance tester, wrist strap/wrist strap tester, comprehensive tester, electrostatic generator stick, anti-static mat, anti-static trolley, anti-static industrial floor (brick), anti-static fabric, static electricity Eliminator, dust-free paper / dust-free cloth, anti-static chair, conductive / anti-static moisture-proof package storage bag, anti-conductive / static plastic, turnover frame / turnover car, ion wind gun dust / dust test equipment, step into Test equipment, high and low temperature/constant temperature test equipment, damp heat test equipment, drying (aging) test equipment, impact test equipment, centrifugal test equipment, waste gas treatment, air purification, clean room, water purification equipment purification project, electromagnetic shielding elimination equipment;


Barcode equipment and materials

Labels and narrow screen printing machinery, bar code printing machinery and equipment, RFID tags technology equipment, smart labels, in-film labels and materials, self-adhesive materials and adhesives and hot melt equipment, label anti-counterfeiting technology, security solutions and applications, Ink, calibration equipment, testing equipment and accessories, label printing materials;


Printed circuit board

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board production equipment and materials, graphic equipment and materials, intelligent terminal manufacturers, software service providers, intelligent automated production equipment for circuit boards, new materials for circuit boards;


Electronic manufacturing services

Contract Manufacturing, Conventional PCB Assembly, Metal Stamping Die Services, Mechanical and Electrical Assembly Services, Foam Material Cutting and Die Services, ODM and Computer Peripheral Equipment Production Services, Plastic-Rubber Mold, Surface Mount Assembly Services, Tool-Bare Chip Related "Turn-key" Assembly Services;

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