With the introduction of the industrial 4.0 concept and the introduction of the Made-in-China 2025 Plan, China's economy has entered a new normal state of development. Structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and improvement of quality and efficiency have become new development strategies. Speeding up the development of the robot industry and promoting the application of robots have become an important way to realize the new strategy. After years of rapid development, China has a solid foundation for the development and application of robot technology and industry. Application pulling is the greatest advantage of robot development in China. In addition, China has the largest and largest category of manufacturing industry, providing a wide range of applications for robots, but also for the development of the robot industry provides a sustainable momentum for development. According to statistics, China's industrial robot sales reached 68,000 in 2015, China has maintained the world's largest robot market for three consecutive years. This article uses the address: http://www.eepw.com.cn/article/201610/311907.htm

According to the International Federation of Robots (IFR), China's industrial robot usage is expected to exceed 428,000 by 2017. "Companies will be forced to invest more in robots to improve productivity and product quality," said Gudrun Litzenberger, IFR Secretary-General in Frankfurt, Germany. "It's the automotive industry that is driving the robotics industry at this stage, but in the next two to three years, the electronics industry will be driving it. Industry will become a driving force. "

The application of robots in the field of 3C will become the second major industries in the application of industrial robots.

The automotive industry has always been the industry that uses the most industrial robots. From a global perspective, the sales of industrial robots in the automotive industry account for about 45%, while the sales of robots in the electronic and electrical industries account for only about 20%. 60% of the industrial robots in China are also used in the automotive industry. The density of robots in the automotive industry reaches 305 sets/10000, which is much higher than the average level of 36 sets/10000 in China. It has reached the level of automation in the manufacturing industry of developed countries and has limited room for improvement in the future.

In addition to the automotive industry, China is also a big consumer of household appliances and consumer electronics, but also a big producer. The change of market competition has prompted the innovation of 3C household appliance manufacturers' production efficiency. Agile Manufacturing, Flexible Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing have become the development direction of 3C household appliances manufacturers, and the characteristics of industrial robots are catering to this manufacturing trend: high speed, high flexibility, high precision, to help 3C power plant manufacturers more quickly respond to market changes in product changes, more efficient manufacturing capacity and higher quality. Quality product quality control.

At present, the automation rate of China's 3C industry is still low, and there is still a huge demand for automation transformation. 3C products have a large number of components (for example, mobile phones include large parts such as touch screen, display panel, motherboard PCB, battery, medium board, back cover, camera, structural parts and other small parts), and are basically non-standard products, small size, high absolute precision requirements. But the relevant parts manufacturing technology and the whole machine assembly technology (such as mobile phone shell, glass, cover plate, etc.), its process and equipment are quite mature, high repetition of processing content, high labor intensity, in line with the characteristics of automation transformation.

The density of robots on the Chinese market is still far behind that of developed countries: in the Chinese manufacturing industry, there are only 30 robots per 10,000 workers, compared with 323 in Japan, 282 in Germany and 152 in the United States. According to the huge scale of the 3C manufacturing industry in China, if the density of robots in the industry is to reach the level of Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the automation transformation potential of the 3C manufacturing industry is enormous.

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