At the 2nd Robot Application Theme Forum held by Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center recently, the promotion and application of industrial robots (robotic arms) in the 3C industry has aroused heated discussion among many automation equipment manufacturers. Whether expensive robots can be widely used in the manufacture of consumer electronics products other than traditional industries, and how to better promote industrial robots in the South China Electronics Manufacturing Base with the concentration of 3C industry, the forum guests gave different opinions and suggestions.

"World Manager" publisher Peck pointed out that the current rapid rise in labor costs, and the era of industrial 4.0 is coming, industrial robots can achieve more productive "intelligent" manufacturing to overcome the impact of labor costs. "22% of the enterprises will invest more than 20% of the total investment in the next year." Perk is.

Last year, BYD bought more than 10000 processing centers (CNC) to save costs. Raeber, a mouse manufacturer, reduced its workforce from 3,200 to 1,200 after introducing 75 robots in 2011, of which only 600 were in the factory. Robots help enterprises successfully achieve transformation. At present, Leiptech has become a robot system integrator, providing robot application services in electronic assembly process reengineering.

He Wanmin, Vice President and General Manager of Robotics Division of Koma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that the growth of robots in mature markets will slow down, but in immature markets such as 3C, there will be higher growth in the future.

Bi Yalei, secretary-general of Shenzhen Robotics Industry Association, believes that leasing industrial robots may be a way worth exploring. Enterprises only need to bear less capital costs than the purchase of robots to complete the layout of robots, more suitable for the manufacturing reality of 3C electronic products with low profit, short production cycle and complex product lines.

In the "Electronic Engineering album" reporters visited machinery exhibition equipment exhibitors also received some of their suggestions. Expensive processing equipment, such as CNC cheap in more than 250,000, imported or advanced equipment is up to 1 million. For the processing industry, it is unlikely to introduce these equipment without particularly high-value spare parts to be produced, such as automotive engines, expensive molds and other products, or large-scale products to be produced. Of course, in recent years, the use of metal enclosures and buttons on mobile phone panels, from plastic parts to metal parts, has greatly increased the capacity of CNC demand. But some experts in the industry disclosed to the author that part of the CNC processing industry into the traditional machine tools with highlights to produce processing capacity, but also reduce the cost of production equipment.

It is an important step for industrial robots, even local industrial robots, to enter the 3C field from the traditional automobile processing field. Some food processing enterprises and LED lamp processing enterprises have already adopted robots to do the work of product sorting in production. What new industries will be introduced in the future and how to reduce costs in capital are worth discussing together.

In addition, localization of industrial robots has also attracted much attention. Xiong Qingping, vice president of Huashu Robotics, said that the localization of industrial robots has made progress in key materials such as servo boards, control boards and even reducers, but high-quality reducers are still monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and the road to the localization of all domestic industrial robots is still long.

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