As China becomes the largest market for industrial robots, the huge market cake instantly attracts a large number of robotic enterprises. The robotic industry has become one of the most popular industries in China. Enterprises and governments have devoted great enthusiasm to seeking greater breakthroughs, in addition to previous automobiles, metallurgy, rubber and so on. Outside the application industry, the 3C industry (i.e. computer, communications and consumer electronics) has become the most important gold digging point for robotic enterprises. Why do we all turn our eyes to the 3C industry?

The emergence of industrial robots is to reduce the labor intensity of workers, 3C manufacturing industry as a labor-intensive industry, has been using manual repetitive high-intensity labor. With the improvement of industrial automation level, robots are gradually used in 3C manufacturing industry. Robot technology brings efficiency improvement to 3C manufacturing enterprises.

Industrial robots are mainly used in the field of 3C manufacturing, component mounting, assembly machine, component production and other fields. At present, in the 3C manufacturing field, the most commonly used four-axis robot is SCARA, followed by the series joint vertical six-axis robot. The two industrial robots are commonly used in the global assembly of robots.

In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of assembly and processing of electronic products, robots are also customized, miniaturized and simplified according to the requirements of 3C manufacturing to achieve high-precision and efficient production of electronic assembly. At the same time, the production efficiency is improved, the area of equipment is reduced, and the land cost of the enterprise is reduced. According to relevant statistics, the use of polishing robot can effectively improve the product yield, the yield increased from 87% to 93%. Whether the manipulator or robot, put into use will greatly improve the efficiency of production.

In the future, with the application of industrial robots gradually widespread, the traditional 3C manufacturing industry will also be from labor-intensive to technology-intensive direction. Recruitment difficulties have brought a crisis to the development of 3C manufacturing industry, but with the use of industrial robots, this phenomenon will be alleviated. Robots bring high quality products and efficient production to enterprises, and reduce the cost of enterprises, improve the efficiency of enterprises.

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